2nd Short-Term Exchange. Lenggries, Germany 8-12 Nov 2017 – Spanish news

Spanish news published in communication media about TIAEYEST.




 Radio interview – Radio Iniesta  Newspaper report – El Dia digital

 Newspaper report – La manchuela al dia

Newspaper report – El deporte conquense

 Newspaper report – El diario conquense

2nd Short-Term Exchange – Lenggries, Germany 8-12 Nov 2017 – Evaluation Results

It is important for the good progress and development of the project to get the feedback of the students who are the key in this project. The feedback is got by a survey to obtain information related with their opinion about the stories that they and their partners have represented and about the activities that the host country has planned in their short-term exchange trips.

The next PDF file shows the results of the survey about the visit to Germany:

2nd Short-Term Exchange – Lenggries, Germany 8-12 Nov 2017 – Results

1st Short-Term. Melinesti, Romania 3-7 May 2017 – Minute



    The stories made by students have all been really good ones. For next visit, we have to make sure that they last 10 minutes maximun. The videos have been excellent. Turkey had some problems and wasn’t shown, but Alina will upload them on the web. Logo has been chosen; Germany was the winner. We haven’t started working with the song yet. We will include an activity related to that in the visit with students in Germany. The Kahoot activity really worked!
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2nd Short-Term Exchange – Lenggries, Germany 8-12 Nov 2017 – Project hymn

We had the chance to create the official HYMN for our project, whose title is TIAEYEST SING ALONG. The Music teacher at the German School created the melody together with the school orquestra. Then, our students, wrote the lyrics in each language, and the chorus in English. Thanks to the Singing Teacher, they could improve the melody and adapt their voices to the song. It was an unforgettable moment for all of us and we will always keep it in our minds.