1st Short-Term. Melinesti, Romania 3-7 May 2017 – Minute



    The stories made by students have all been really good ones. For next visit, we have to make sure that they last 10 minutes maximun. The videos have been excellent. Turkey had some problems and wasn’t shown, but Alina will upload them on the web. Logo has been chosen; Germany was the winner. We haven’t started working with the song yet. We will include an activity related to that in the visit with students in Germany. The Kahoot activity really worked!

    The visit to Germany will take place from 29th September to 1st October.  The number of teachers will be as follows: 2 from Spain, 2 from Turkey and 2 from Romania. The last transnational visit will take place in Spain from 1st to 3rd of June.

    The second visit will take place in Germany  from 8th to 12th November. The topic will be BULLYING AND SEGREGATION. Again, each country will decide if they make one or two stories. This time, the number of students will be as follows: 7 students from Spain, 5 students from Turkey and 8 students from Romania. We will prepare the questions for the Kahoot activity too. In terms of the teachers, 3 from Spain, 3 from Romania and 2 from Turkey.

    The third visit with students will take place in Spain from 13th to 18th March. The number of students will be as follows: 7 from Germany, 7 from Romania and 5 from Turkey. In terms of teachers, 3 from Romania, 2 from Germany and 2 from Turkey.


    The evaluation of the first activity with students will be made though the questionnaires that have been already made. Alina will collect data and upload it on the web.

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