4th Transnational meeting. Iniesta, Spain 1st-3rd Jun 2018

The project is finishing and the coordinator and the partner teachers need to meet in order to resume the experiences and outcomes on students and schools. The final report must show all about them and it must be filled taking into account all the points of view. At the same time, in the transnational visit the Erasmus+ teachers could visit two places considered world heritage: the city of Segovia, where an aqueduct was built by the roman empire, and the monastery of “San Lorenzo del Escorial”, royal palace of Ferdinand the second. In Iniesta, the Erasmus+ team was received by the mayor in the town hall to give gratitude for the hard work made along these two years.

Some pictures about the visit are here.

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3rd Transnational meeting. Lenggries, Germany 29th Sep-01st Oct 2017 – Minute

    The stories shouldn’t last more than ten minutes, and then we can add a video of about 1-2 minutes showing the making of. This time, the topic will be BULLYING AND SEGRETARION. We have to let the host country know if we need something extra for the presentation (computer, screen, speakers,…).

    After the presentation of the stories, the students will make an activity in groups (mixed up) with the KAHOOT APP in their mobile phones (so, make sure they have it installed before the visit). For that activity, we have to send to Juan 5 questions about our stories with 4 multiple choice answers (tell him the correct one).

    Also, the students will have to prepare a video introducing themselves and the school, which shouldn’t last long (it depends on the number of students from each country).

    Finally, after the visit with students, both teachers and students have to take the GOOGLE QUESTIONNAIRE. Ayham will send the data to Marian, so she can save them.
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