3rd Short-Term Exchange. Iniesta, Spain 10-16 Apr 2018 – Spanish news

Spanish news published in communication media about TIAEYEST.



Newspaper report – Helena Lázaro Comunicación Newspaper report – Las noticias de Cuenca
Newspaper report – El Dia digital
Radio interview – Radio Iniesta
Newspaper report – Voces de Cuenca

Regional TV – CMM (from 10′ 20″)

Magazine – Educar en red

2nd Short-Term Exchange. Lenggries, Germany 8-12 Nov 2017 – Spanish news

Spanish news published in communication media about TIAEYEST.




 Radio interview – Radio Iniesta  Newspaper report – El Dia digital

 Newspaper report – La manchuela al dia

Newspaper report – El deporte conquense

 Newspaper report – El diario conquense

1st Transnational meeting. Iniesta, Spain 17th-20th Nov 2016 – Minute


    We discussed about the priorities of the Project, and they are the following ones: inclusive education, innovation and story telling. The rationale or our Project is to make our students aware of the fact of how important is to be raised as a Global Citizen, in order to solve day-to- day problems that they face in a an educational context. Among our objectives we find: to improve our teaching/learning methods for a better quality in our education; to learn about customs, cultures and lifestyles; to encourage students to overcome negative attitudes towards students with learning difficulties; to practice English; to use ICT tolos; to improve the cooperative skills of students; to learn about real experiences; to learn how  to be active citizens; and to develop story telling skills, as a positive and traditioanl way to transmit cultural knowledges and values, and as a tool to improve communication and comprehension skills.The impact has to be an important part in our schools, the famlies, the town councils and the community, in general.
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