3rd Short-Term Exchange. Iniesta, Spain 10-16 Apr 2018 – Project hymn

All the students have sung the official hymn of the project called TIAEYEST SING ALONG. This hymn was written in the last visit to Germany where the students could sing it with the wonderful orchestra of the german school.

This time, the students and teachers have sung the last time  the hymn… so far. Who knows…

Here you can download the hymn lyrics.

2nd Short-Term Exchange – Lenggries, Germany 8-12 Nov 2017 – Project hymn

We had the chance to create the official HYMN for our project, whose title is TIAEYEST SING ALONG. The Music teacher at the German School created the melody together with the school orquestra. Then, our students, wrote the lyrics in each language, and the chorus in English. Thanks to the Singing Teacher, they could improve the melody and adapt their voices to the song. It was an unforgettable moment for all of us and we will always keep it in our minds.