3rd Short-Term Exchange. Iniesta, Spain 10-16 Apr 2018 – Harmony day

Saturday, 14th April – 5th day of the visit

The Erasmus+ meeting is finishing and we wanted to thank to the families, the local authorities, students and teachers the moments and experiencies that have been lived. The head of studies and the Erasmus+ coordinator of the spanish school talked to the present people about the Erasmus+ program and its benefits for students. Both students and teachers representatives talked about the changes that students participating in that program get. And the mayor of Iniesta showed the gratitude for the great work done by the schools. After exchanging some presents all the people could taste the typical products cooked by the families and dance typical songs of the Erasmus+ partner countries. This day offered to the families the opportunity to share experiencies, talk with students and teachers…

Here are some pictures of the activity.

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