3rd Transnational meeting. Lenggries, Germany 29th Sep-01st Oct 2017 – Minute

    The stories shouldn’t last more than ten minutes, and then we can add a video of about 1-2 minutes showing the making of. This time, the topic will be BULLYING AND SEGRETARION. We have to let the host country know if we need something extra for the presentation (computer, screen, speakers,…).

    After the presentation of the stories, the students will make an activity in groups (mixed up) with the KAHOOT APP in their mobile phones (so, make sure they have it installed before the visit). For that activity, we have to send to Juan 5 questions about our stories with 4 multiple choice answers (tell him the correct one).

    Also, the students will have to prepare a video introducing themselves and the school, which shouldn’t last long (it depends on the number of students from each country).

    Finally, after the visit with students, both teachers and students have to take the GOOGLE QUESTIONNAIRE. Ayham will send the data to Marian, so she can save them.
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2nd Transnational meeting. Melinesti, Romania – 30th Mar-2 Apr 2017 – Minute


    The presentation of the stories will last 10 minutes, including making of. The students can use background music, images and special effects. The host country will be in charge of preparing a laptop, an overhead projector and a pair of speakers. After the presentation, the students will make a quiz, previously prepared by each of the countries, through the Kahoot Application. Each country will send to Juanfran 5 questions and 4 multiple choice answers (including the information about the right one), about their own stories. This will be part of the activity, and it will be done through the mobile APP Kahoot. The students will be mixed up, and the winners will have a prize. The host country will be in charge of organizing the activites.

    Last day to send the questions and answers will be 24th/April/2017.

    In terms of the hymn, Spain will choose a famous song, and we will try to make up the lyrics with a karaoke versión of it. We will be the first ones to start with the lyrics, and then Germany, Turkey and Romania. In the final visit with students to Spain we will prepare an activity to do with the song.
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1st Transnational meeting. Iniesta, Spain 17th-20th Nov 2016 – Minute


    We discussed about the priorities of the Project, and they are the following ones: inclusive education, innovation and story telling. The rationale or our Project is to make our students aware of the fact of how important is to be raised as a Global Citizen, in order to solve day-to- day problems that they face in a an educational context. Among our objectives we find: to improve our teaching/learning methods for a better quality in our education; to learn about customs, cultures and lifestyles; to encourage students to overcome negative attitudes towards students with learning difficulties; to practice English; to use ICT tolos; to improve the cooperative skills of students; to learn about real experiences; to learn how  to be active citizens; and to develop story telling skills, as a positive and traditioanl way to transmit cultural knowledges and values, and as a tool to improve communication and comprehension skills.The impact has to be an important part in our schools, the famlies, the town councils and the community, in general.
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