2nd Short-Term. Lenggries, Germany 8-12 Nov 2017 – Minute



    Everything has worked properly. The stories were about the main topics and the dramatization of every contry has been amazing. The Kahoot activity has always been enjoyed by the students.
  2. SONG

    The activity was well organized and the students and teachers had a great time. We really thank the music and singing teachers for their excellent effort. The school orquestra was playing the song while our students were singing in their languages and English. We took some pictures and recorded some videos that will be uploaded to our web page.

    The teachers and students have to take the questionnaire which is on the web page. We will publish the results to see if there is something we need to improve.

    Our web page should be shown to our school community. This way, everybody can have access to our products and the activities we make in every visit.

  6. We need to upload on our Drive the stories by each country, the making of video and the video presenting themselves. Everything will be uploaded on the web page.

  8. We have to try and disseminate everything related to our Project through social networks, school web pages, local newspapers, etc. We have also our Twitter account, where teachers and students can publish messages.

  10. The teachers have to upload or send me their students’ cards, so we can start organizing the hosting of the families

    The stories shouldn’t last more than ten minutes, and then we can add a video of about 1-2 minutes showing the making of. This time, the topic will be REFUGEES AND INCLUSION. We have to let the host country know if we need something extra for the presentation (computer, screen, speakers,…)

    After the presentation of the stories, the students will make an activity in groups (mixed up) with the KAHOOT APP in their mobile phones (so, make sure they have it installed before the visit). For that activity, we have to send to Juan 5 questions about our stories with 4 multiple choice answers (tell him the correct one).

    Also, the students will have to prepare a video introducing themselves and the school, which shouldn’t last long (it depends on the number of students from each country).

    The visit with students will take place from 10th(Tuesday) to 15th April (Sunday) (except for Germany, that will stay one more day, until Monday). The number of students will be as follows: 7 from Germany, 8 from Romania and 5 from Turkey. In terms of teachers, 3 from Romania, 2 from Germany and 2 from Turkey. All the teachers prefer single romos.
    As soon as the teachers know the information about their flights they will have to tell the coordinator to start organizing the picking up.

    The last transnational meeting of the Project will take place from 1st-3rd June, in Spain.


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