2nd Transnational meeting. Melinesti, Romania – 30th Mar-2 Apr 2017 – Minute


    The presentation of the stories will last 10 minutes, including making of. The students can use background music, images and special effects. The host country will be in charge of preparing a laptop, an overhead projector and a pair of speakers. After the presentation, the students will make a quiz, previously prepared by each of the countries, through the Kahoot Application. Each country will send to Juanfran 5 questions and 4 multiple choice answers (including the information about the right one), about their own stories. This will be part of the activity, and it will be done through the mobile APP Kahoot. The students will be mixed up, and the winners will have a prize. The host country will be in charge of organizing the activites.

    Last day to send the questions and answers will be 24th/April/2017.

    In terms of the hymn, Spain will choose a famous song, and we will try to make up the lyrics with a karaoke versión of it. We will be the first ones to start with the lyrics, and then Germany, Turkey and Romania. In the final visit with students to Spain we will prepare an activity to do with the song.

    In total, Romania will have to host 21 students (8 from Spain, 8 from Germany and 5 from Turkey). The coordinators will use the Students’ Card so that Romania can start organizing the host families. Deadline to send the students’ cards is 17th April.

    We have to make sure that our students have their ID, Passports and Medical Cars updated. They will ask for their oficial permissions to leave their home country, in case it is necessary.

    In terms of the activities, Romania will organize cultural visits, some games, the presentation of the stories and a talk from a local expert if possible.

    – With students. It will be in Germany, and we have to decide if it will last 5 or 6 days. They will host 20 students (7 from Spain, 8 from Romania and 5 from Turkey). The last visit to Spain will be near Easter next year, dates are not fixed yet. Spain will host 19 students (7 from Romania, 7 from Germany and 5 from Turkey).
    – Transnational visits. Next one will take place in Germany, from 29 September to 1st October 2017. The one in Spain will be from the 1st to 3rd of June 2018.
    – We will ask our National Agency if we can organize a Transnational visit in Strasbourg, which is a neutral área, instead of Turkey, since we are worried with the political situation there.

    – We already have our web page and Romania will include the section for the blog. While the visits with students, they will contribute with comments, pictures in our twitter account @tiaeyest.
    – After the visits, Spain and Romania will upload the material related to the presentation of the stories.

    They are already done, through Google Questionnaires. Students and teachers participating in the visits will have to fill them up. The results will be uploaded to the web page.

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